Sustainable Returns made simple.

We evaluate the condition of returned items and facilitate their return to the market. We save CO2 emissions and reduce costs for e-commerce merchants.
Why We DO this

In Europe in 2020, 2 billion sold items were returned, with 21% unable to be resold, leading to daily waste equivalent to 1000 fully loaded trucks of intact items

The challenge arises from the difficulty and cost associated with tracking and inspecting returned goods. Consequently, items that are still in good condition end up occupying warehouse shelves and are ultimately disposed of due to the lack of necessary data on their condition.

About US

We thrive for a more sustainable e-commerce

Our team is dedicated to bringing technical solutions to the market that cater to the needs of e-commerce merchants and customers as well as society and nature. Our mission is to rescue 1B items from destruction, saving tons of CO2 emissions, by bringing products back to the market. 

Customer Dashboard
Have a full overview of items, processes and revenues at all time.
Our Solution

We gather data on the content and condition of returns, enabling products to go back to the regular or reselling marketplace.



We handle individual customer returns and bulk shipping, freeing you from the hassle of managing returns.

Test and Grade

We assess returns on their content and condition, ensuring you get the best price for your products.


We sell your products through 35 B2C and B2B reselling market channels across Europe.

The One-Stop-Shop for returns

For Small Amazon FBA Stores And Large E-Commerce Shops. We cover all aspects of return management, offering both all-in-one services and individual options. Whether it's individual customer returns or bulk shipments, we've got you covered.

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Make more money on your returns, win back valuable time, and reduce CO2 emissions.