Stop losing money on returns

Sell your returns and overstock for the highest prices, effortlessly and without risk.

Optimal reselling channel selection for profit maximization. 

Outsourced return warehousing and inventory control through online portal.

Legally compliant with the circular economy act.

Your e-commerce returns and overstock converted into profits

Simply send your returns and overstock to our partner warehouses and Rebolet will handle all warehouse logistics and reselling process for you. Our system allows you to keep ownership of your inventory until Rebolet finds the highest price for your goods, providing you with an effortless model with controlled risk.

Returns Fulfilment &

Overstock Sales 

The logistics of excess stock and returns means additional effort, which you avoid with Rebolet. You send your excess stock from your warehouse and the returns directly from your customer to Rebolet's department shops. The complete further handling is done by Rebolet.

Reach a reselling network with several million customers

Reach millions of end customers through our B2C sales channels and our large network of B2B customers. With a multi-channel reach, the chances of selling your goods at the best price increase considerably.

Higher transparency with the Rebolet dashboard 

Get an overview of your inventory and sales through your Rebolet dashboard. You can see at which price and through which reselling stratgey (B2C or B2B) your goods are sold.

Higher profits from

direct sales

Increase your profitability and achieve fair margins by selling directly to buyers, skipping middlemen and unnecessary costs. Your items are sold to B2B or B2C customers via multiple reselling channels. Rebolet’s software determines the most suitable price and sales channel.

Maintain ownership and achieve brand protection

Maintain ownership of your inventories until your items are sold. Participate in the upside potential of the reselling, instead of liquidating your stock, or paying high middlemen fees. Keep control of the reselling channels and protect your brand equity. 

Environmentally friendly & reduction of CO2

Instead of destroying returned items, Rebolet’s software analyses quality and reselling potential. Depending on the analysis, your goods are resold, donated or recycled. With Rebolet you will be legally compliant in accordance with the Recycling Management Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz).

Discover the potential of your returns and overstock

Test Rebolet’s solution with our 6 months pilot phase, personalised to your business. Together we will determine the hidden potential of your returns and overstock.

Reduce overstock levels by creating a higher revenue stream from reselling

Simply send your returns and overstock to rebolet’s warehouses, the rest will be done by rebolet’s smart software.

Smart Reverse Fulfillment

Warehouse management and warehouse logistics

Disposition Intelligence

Data analysis for the selection of the best reselling channel

Omnichannel Remarketing

B2C direct selling and B2B selling through our partners network 

Why our customers love us

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Janosch Vongehr

CEO Liebfeld & Cofounder AMZ Ventures

"We were lucky to be among the first to benefit from Rebolet as a pilot project. Everything works exactly as promised: products that we would otherwise have had to throw away are now generating income. This is exactly how sustainability and entrepreneurship go together!"

Get to know Rebolet with a free potential analysis or with our pilot phase

Sell your returns and overstock for the highest prices, effortlessly and without risk.