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Transform your e-commerce returns and overstock into sustainable profits.

  • The ultimate solution for e-commerce returns and overstock management.

  • Create a new revenue stream for your business by accessing the re-commerce market.

Your e-commerce returns and overstock converted into profits

Keep ownership of your inventory instead of going for liquidation.

Rebolet takes care of all of your return logistics and you control your inventory through an online portal.

Increase your profit by accesing the most optimal reselling channel for your inventories

What our customers say

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Janosch Vongehr

CEO Liebfeld & Cofounder AMZ Ventures

"We were lucky to be among the first to benefit from Rebolet as a pilot project. Everything works exactly as promised: products that we would otherwise have had to throw away are now generating income. This is exactly how sustainability and entrepreneurship go together!"

We are commited to saving one billion items from destruction.


items saved from destruction.

Our technology is designed to analyse every item and redirect it to the right reselling or repurposing channel. Every item that goes through Rebolet is an item saved from destruction.

Create a new revenue stream from 

Returns Management

Our purpose built system for Returns Management and Fulfillment

Re-commerce Platform

Get access to multiple B2C and B2B re-commerce channels  

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