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Enhance Your Return Management

Customer returns are a growing issue that is hard to handle and is increasing in complexity.


How can you handle returns better?


Our System

Rebolet’s all-in-one system helps you overcome the challenges of their reverse supply chain and manage their returns and overstock efficiently using technology and data. 


We use proprietary technology to provide you with services ranging from the initial receipt of goods at the warehouse, to the successful resale of items through omnichannel remarketing and dynamic pricing. Keep track and control of the entire returns process in your customized online dashboard where you can access our three service modules. 

With the Rebolet system you can:

  • Lower processing costs of the reverse supply chain.

  • Increase the net recovery value of returned and overstock inventory.

  • Enable transparency by having visibility and control over the whole process.

  • Reduce the ecological footprint by avoiding unnecessary waste.

Our three simple service modules



Smart Reverse Fulfillment

Handling returned inventory is complex and is fundamentally different from forward fulfillment, yet many retailers use traditional supply chain technology for reverse logistics needs. As a result, inventory processing within distribution centers is highly manual, rigid, error-prone and difficult to manage.

Rebolet’s Smart Reverse Fulfillment module decreases reverse supply chain inefficiencies through a purpose-built and patent-pending system specifically designed to handle all warehouse operations for returns.


With the Smart Reverse Fulfillment module, retailers can:

  • Decrease processing times and costs for handling, testing, grading and inventorying of items.

  • Shorten the time window to successfully resell the products.

  • Minimize the ratio of mistakenly chucked returns by a profoundly better-quality inspection.

  • Follow and control the return inventory flow.



Disposition Intelligence

The foundation of Rebolet’s system is its Disposition Intelligence. It accumulates information from proprietary data sources and the historical performance of our clients, to determine over data science algorithms the next best routing channel for returned inventory.


Our technology instantly predicts the best suited routing channel that maximizes the net value of every individual return, saving unnecessary transportation, warehousing and middleman costs. Clients can customize the module to their individualised operational constraints and business goals. 



Omnichannel Remarketing

E-commerces and online retailers are used to old-proven but inefficient methods to liquidate used return inventory in bulk for a tiny fraction of the original retail value, unknowingly losing a tremendous amount of value. Even worse, they put at risk their brand value as they lose the ability to control where their return inventory is routed and how the items are treated.


Rebolet’s Omnichannel Remarketing Module bundles products according to market demands, supports dynamic pricing and instant listing on multiple marketplaces. We enable the resell of return inventory over business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B), giving retailers the possibility to find the right balance between optimizing for value and optimizing for speed.

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