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Get Access to our Return Management and Re-commerce solutions.

Customer returns are one of the biggest challenges of e-commerce businesses. How can you better handle your returns?

Create a new revenue stream from 

Returns Management

Our purpose built system for Returns Management and Fulfillment

Re-commerce Platform

Get access to multiple B2C and B2B re-commerce channels  

How does it work?


We create your company profile, detailing your needs for returns and overstock management. We define your business rules including expectations on time, recovery value and reselling conditions.


You redirect your returns and overstock to Rebolet. You can send your items to our warehouses or we can pick them up for you.


We build your product catalogue to scan and analyse your items using our software. We evaluate the most profitable markets and potential buyers, taking into account your reselling preferences.


We list and promote your your items through our re-commerce platform accessing multiple B2C channels and B2B markets. For items that can't sell, we provide solutions for refurbishing, recycling and donations.

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Returns Management &
Returns Fulfilment 

Ship your items from your fulfillment provider or your end customer directly to our warehouses. Rebolet takes care of all the other return logistics and re-selling processes for you. 

Reach a reselling network with several million customers

Reach millions of end customers through our B2C sales channels and our network of B2B customers. 

Higher transparency through the Rebolet dashboard 

No more black boxes liquidated without control. Get an overview of your inventory and sales through your Rebolet dashboard.

Higher profits from

direct sales

Increase profitability by re-selling directly to buyers, skipping middlemen and unnecessary costs.

Maintain ownership and achieve brand protection

Maintain ownership of your items, participate in the upside potential of the reselling and keep control of the reselling channels to protect your brand equity. 

Environmentally friendly & reduction of CO2

Act sustainable and be legally compliant with the Recycling Management Act: (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz).

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