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Returns Management and Fulfillment


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Track and control the flow of your items through the reverse supply chain.

Returns Management and Fulfilment

Handling returned inventory is complex and is fundamentally different from forward fulfillment, yet many retailers use traditional supply chain technology for reverse logistics needs. As a result, inventory processing within distribution centers is highly manual, rigid, error-prone and difficult to manage.

Rebolet’s Returns Management module decreases reverse supply chain inefficiencies through a purpose-built and patent-pending system specifically designed to handle all warehouse operations for returns.


With the Returns Management module, retailers can:

  • Decrease processing times and costs for handling, testing, grading and inventorying of items.

  • Shorten the time window to successfully resell the products.

  • Minimize the ratio of mistakenly discarded returns by a profoundly better-quality inspection.

  • Follow and control the return inventory flow.

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