Reselling Channels

We work directly with brands and retailers to provide high quality products at great prices

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Have you ever wondered what happens with the items that you return when you buy online? Usually, these products go back to the logistic centres and they end up being destroyed or going to liquidation creating a huge impact for the environment.

Something similar happens to the products that were not sold. Brands and retailers usually renew stock every few months and those unsold products are liquidated or thrown away. They enter a very long supply chain with multiple middle men, making it slow and expensive before the products are back to the market in the hands of a new user.


Rebolet works directly with brands and retailers to process, carefully analyse and directly resell high-quality products at great prices. We sell across Europe in different platforms both under the Rebolet brand and other white-label brands for our clients in multiple direct to consumer, B2C and B2B reselling channels.

Rebolet, redirecting every item to it's best next home!