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Re-commerce Services


Access our service modules from our online platform.
Track and control the re-selling flow of your items.


E-commerces and online retailers are used to liquidate used return inventory in bulk for a tiny fraction of the original retail value, unknowingly losing a tremendous amount of value. Even worse, they put at risk their brand value as they lose the ability to control where their return inventory is routed and how the items are treated.

Our Disposition Intelligence algorithms accumulate information from proprietary data sources and the historical performance, to determine the next best routing channel for returned inventory and overstock.


Our technology predicts the best suited routing channel that maximizes the net value of every individual return, saving unnecessary transportation, warehousing and middleman costs. Our clients can customize their reselling preferences according to their individualised operational constraints and business goals. 

Rebolet’s Re-commerce Services Module enables the resell of return inventory thorugh business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B), giving retailers the possibility to find the right balance between optimising for value and optimising for speed.

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