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Our Vision
Rescue 1 billion items from destruction to leave our planet more sustainable by making Recommerce accessible to any online retailer.
Our statement: 
We are the Recommerce Rebellion. We do not approve of wasteful practices within the e-commerce industry; we make sure that items remain in circulation and are not wastefully destroyed. Therefore, we will make Recommerce accessible to any online retailer to rescue 1 billion items from destruction ultimately helping to make our planet more sustainable.
Each one of us does everything possible to ignite a sense of urgency, the urgency to rescue valuable resources from destruction, faster.
We have FRESH Values!
  • F = Focused: We focus and prioritize on the right thing and we put our whole attention to the challenge in front of us and don’t get distracted. eg. If a meeting is set up for a certain purpose, we 100% focus our mind on the topic of this meeting, if you reserved a certain working block for one task you 100% fulfil this task or if an activity shouldn’t provide a significant value to the company’s goal you prioritize higher priority activities first.
  • R = Reliable and Respectful: We respect each other's working area and time. eg. Complete your tasks on time and prioritize the tasks that are affecting someone else’s time. Keep to your deadlines e and arrive on time to meetings.
  • E = Energized: We work with a positive and energized attitude that sparks fires in people around us and we motivate each other.
  • S = Sustainable: Our business itself fosters sustainability by keeping valuable resources in circulation. But we do not only stop there, we also want to foster sustainable business practices and sustainable working culture. We would like our partners and clients to participate in our sustainability mindset.
  • H = Honest: We keep an honest, transparent and constructive communication culture. We are not afraid to communicate our setbacks honestly or to ask for help when/where needed eg. we shouldn’t be afraid of saying “I need your help”. Eg. we are not afraid to give someone constructive feedback or to receive said feedback. Feedback shall be embraced and be seen as learning. We don’t tolerate any gossip, we thrive for open communication with each one and if we feel the need to discuss certain topics with that person we discuss it in a Coffee Break.

FRESH Budget

Personal: 25 € / month that you can freely spend for your personal alignment with these values. eg. Rebolet pays the monthly gym fee to ensure that you return energized to the workplace.
Culture: 100 € / year that each person can freely use to propose and implement things to encourage and stimulate the company’s culture and values. This budget can be accumulated with other people's culture budget and can also be added to the Sales Participation.
1% Sales Participation
Team: We work as a team, therefore we participate on the earnings as a team and decide as a team what to do with it. x € / month that is used by the team for improving the company’s culture and alignment with the values.
Our Managers are leaders, each department head is a leader, as a leader we want to lead Rebolet to success. Leaders within Rebolet will follow the leading principles of Bill Campbell “The Trillion Dollar Coach”.
Leading by Example
Proactiveness is shown in the setup of Sprints and taking ownership over them but also on the Daily Work, eg. if there are backlogs the leading department heads are taking the initiative to bring the Daily Work back on track.
Inclusive Decision Making
Leaders include people in their decision making. if people are affected by a decision, they also should have a say
Feedback & Self Reflection
We are a young company and we would like to grow and learn together therefore Feedback & Self Reflection is encouraged. Feedback needs to be translated into actions even if they are uncomfortable. The room for feedback & self-reflection is created by Biweekly 1on1 and the Weekly Friday Notes.
At Rebolet we have a split between the Daily Run of Operations & the Forward-Thinking Activities. 
Every team member will have his dedicated Daily Work responsibilities and additional time for Forwarding Thinking Activities.
Daily Run of Operations:
We have defined KPI’s that track the normal run of operations and processes of the company.
Forward Thinking Activities:
On the other side Sprints and OKRs move Rebolet forward. Sprints are prioritized by achieving our required milestones in the fastest way possible.
Team Communication  & Collaboration
  • We run most company communications using Slack.
  • Our projects and tasks are organised and tracked on ClickUp a project management tool.
  • Our software development and roadmaps are tracked on Jira, following the agile framework.
  • Our internal Knowledge Base is based on Confluence.
  • We track our team members and requests via an HR tool.
  • Team or department Daily Stand-ups: Quick daily check-ins to kickstart the day.
  • Weekly Team Alignment Meeting: Alignment meeting between department heads and revision of KPIs, OKRs and Sprints.
  • 1-1 Biweekly Feedback Exchange: Personal feedback exchanges between team leads and team members.
  • Coffee Break: Optional & Flexible. It’s a framework to foster the personal exchange between team members.
  • All Hands: Bringing all the team together to share updates, current status, upcoming goals and events. We also provide and open space to ask anything!