Enhance Your Return Management

Customer returns are a growing issue that is hard to handle and is increasing in complexity


How can you handle returns better?

Our System

Rebolet’s all-in-one system helps you overcome the challenges of your reverse supply chain and manage your returns and overstock efficiently using technology and data. 


We use proprietary technology to provide you with services ranging from the initial receipt of goods at the warehouse, to the successful resale of items through Omnichannel Remarketing and dynamic pricing. Keep track and control of the entire returns process in your customised online dashboard where you can access our three service modules. 

With the Rebolet system you can:

  • Lower processing costs of the reverse supply chain.

  • Increase the net recovery value of returned and overstock inventory.

  • Enable transparency by having visibility and control over the whole process.

  • Reduce the ecological footprint by avoiding unnecessary waste.


How it works


We create your customer profile, detailing your needs for returns and overstock management. We define your business rules including expectations on time, recovery value and reselling conditions.


You hand over your returns and overstock to Rebolet. You can send your items to our warehouses, we can pick them up for you, or we can work directly at your locations.


We scan and analyse your items using our AI predicting models. We evaluate the most profitable markets and potential buyers, taking into account your reselling preferences.


We resell your items for the highest recovery value using Omnichannel Remarketing targeting multiple B2C channels and B2B markets. We also provide solutions for refurbishing, recycling and donations.

Our Service Modules

Smart Reverse Fulfillment

Easy processing of returns


Warehouse management tools 

Testing, grading & quality control

Disposition Intelligence

Optimal reselling channel selection


Visualisation of reselling flow


Processing analytics and report

Omnichannel Remarketing

Dynamic product pricing


Exclusive reselling channels


Listings on multiple marketplaces


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Sell your returns and overstock for the highest prices, effortlessly and without risk.