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Can you identify yourself with our FRESH values?

  • F = Focused: Focus and prioritize on the things that matter and move the needle. Be self-aware, act with a purposeful mindset, and take decisions with critical thinking.


  • R = Reliable and Respectful: You have the freedom to manage your time and take your own decisions and we trust that you will do your best to bring the desire result or goal to be achieved. We place respect as the baseline for any interaction and communication. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds, ethnicities and beliefs. Diversity makes us strong.

  • E = Energized: Work with a positive and energized attitude that sparks fires in people around us. We support and motivate each other, focusing on the opportunities instead of getting stuck in the challenges.


  • S = Sustainable: We foster sustainability by keeping valuable resources in circulation. We foster sustainable business practices and sustainable working culture. We want our partners and clients to share our sustainability mindset.


  • H = Honest: We keep an honest, transparent and constructive communication culture. We are not afraid to communicate our setbacks or to ask for help when needed. We promote a culture of respectful and constructive feedback.

Management and leading by example
Our managers are leaders that lead by example through actions, take into account inclusive decision-making and feedback culture. Within Rebolet we want to follow the leading principles of Bill Campbell's “The Trillion Dollar Coach”.

At Rebolet we have a balance between the Daily Run of Operations and Forward-Thinking Activities. 

Every team member will have his dedicated Daily Work responsibilities and additional time for Forwarding Thinking Activities.

Forward-thinking activities

These activities refer to our goals and special projects that promote the growth and further development of the company. Each quarter, we revise our company roadmap and define the new goals that we plan to achieve as a company, across departments and department specific. 

Office & Location

At Rebolet we have a separation between positions that require physical presence on site and those that don't. Positions that are linked to our daily run of logistic operations have the need to have physical presence. For all other positions we offer the possibility of a hybrid work setup with the flexibility to work from our office, warehouse locations or to make home office.

Team communication & collaboration

  • We run most company communications using Slack.

  • We track our OKRs, projects and tasks using ClickUp, a project management tool.

  • Our software development and roadmaps are tracked on Jira, following the agile framework.

  • Our internal Knowledge Base is co-build by all the team using Confluence.

  • We support our employees development and requests via an HR tool.


  • Team or department Daily Stand-ups: Quick daily check-ins to kickstart the day.

  • Weekly Team Alignment Meeting: Alignment meeting between department heads and revision of KPIs, OKRs and Sprints.

  • 1-1 Biweekly Feedback Exchange: Personal feedback exchanges between team leads and team members.

  • Coffee Break: Optional & Flexible. It’s a framework to foster the personal exchange between team members.

  • All Hands: Bringing all the team together to share updates, current status, upcoming goals and events. We also provide an open space to ask anything!

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