Amazon FBA Sellers

Make your Amazon FBA returns profitable with Rebolet. We receive, analyse and resell your returns and unsold overstock.

Selling on Amazon 

One of the biggest challenges for Amazon FBA sellers are customer returns and unsold overstock. 

As an FBA seller you have to comply with Amazon's return policies, inventory management rules and costs.

  • Do you currently have unsold overstock in Amazon warehouses?


  • Is the inventory going pilling up in a warehouse or main offices?


  • Are you unaware about the value of your returned items and unsold overstock in the secondary market?

  • Are you currently liquidating great amount of stock, paying fees and loosing the value of your goods?


If you would like to get a consultation on how to improve your returns policy, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs returns and overstock contact us!

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Simply send your returns and overstock to the rebolet’s warehouse, the rest will be done by the rebolet’s smart software.