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We are commited to saving one billion items from destruction.

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Our Vision

Rescue 1 billion items from destruction to leave our planet more sustainable by making Recommerce accessible to any online retailer.

Our statement

We are the Re-commerce Rebellion. We do not approve of wasteful practices within the e-commerce industry and work to ensure a circular economy where products remain in circulation instead of being wastefully destroyed. Our goal is to make re-commerce accessible to any online retailer by providing an easy solution to access the world of re-commerce

We have FRESH Values!

  • F = Focused: Focus and prioritize on the things that matter and move the needle. Be self-aware, act with a purposeful mindset, and take decisions with critical thinking.

  • R = Reliable and Respectful: You have the freedom to manage your time and take your own decisions and we trust that you will do your best to bring the desire result or goal to be achieved. We place respect as the baseline for any interaction and communication. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds, ethnicities and beliefs. Diversity makes us strong.


  • E = Energized: Work with a positive and energized attitude that sparks fires in people around us. We support and motivate each other, focusing on the opportunities instead of getting stuck in the challenges.

  • S = Sustainable: We foster sustainability by keeping valuable resources in circulation. We foster sustainable business practices and sustainable working culture. We want our partners and clients to share our sustainability mindset.

  • H = Honest: We keep an honest, transparent and constructive communication culture. We are not afraid to communicate our setbacks or to ask for help when needed. We promote a culture of respectful and constructive feedback.

Are you interested in joining our mission?
We're growing and hiring new talent!

Learn more about our culture, team and open positions in our careers page.

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