We decided to help rebuild an old industry where:


  • E-commerces and online retailers are taking loses for returns and overstock.


  • Products that are still in a good condition are going to waste or are directly destroyed.


  • A long and inefficient reverse supply chain creates unnecessary transport and warehousing costs.


The e-commerce business is more successful every day, but the supporting industries are lacking tools and technology to keep up with the market needs.


We realised that there is no easy solution to this problem and that the e-commerces and online retailers prefer to take a loss on returns and overstock, just to keep the customer satisfied. 


This is why we took the mission to create a whole new system to help these companies get an all-in-one solution to make the handling of returns and overstock profitable, transparent and sustainable.



How are you handling your returns?

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The one all-in-one solution to profitability, transparency and

sustainability for e-commerce returns and overstock! 

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